How I Created This Website Using Hugo and GitHub Pages

As we know from an earlier post this site is a statically generated Hugo site hosted on GitHub Pages, so I thought it would be interesting to do a post detailing the steps involved in getting the site up and running. These instructions should work on a linux based OS or on MacOS. Firstly, what will we need. You will need to install git, hugo and have a GitHub account.

How to get MPD working on Solus

My favourite music client on my linux PC is Music Player Daemon (to be referred to as MPD from this point on) but I did have some trouble getting it working properly on Solus so this is just a quick guide to assist you. Note that this is not a guide in configuring MPD with a client, it is to show you how to get the service started on Solus (I cannot say if this will work in other distros as I have not tested it).

How to pin CLI applications to the Budgie panel

So I like to be able to pin my most used applications to my panel for quick access. This is not something I have ever been able to do until recently when I discovered how, so without further ado here is my short guide. First of all, what will you need to make it happen? A terminal emulator that supports changing of the WM_CLASS property. I use Kitty but I believe Urxvt also has the ability