Youtube Channels I Like to Watch

I already shared some Twitch music streamers I like to watch so this time I thought I would share some great YouTube channels I watch regularly. I used to subscribe to a lot of channels and watch a lot of Linux content but in the past 2 years I’ve been growing fed up with most of the Linux content out there so I have branched out into other content. JRPG Jungle It is no secret that I like to play JRPGs but I also watch some JRPG content, and one of my favourite channels for this is JRPG Jungle.

Twitch Music Streamers that I Like

Recently I have discovered the joy of the music section on Twitch, and I have gotten into it so much that most of the channels I now follow are music streamers. It’s no secret that I love music, I have a quote in the footer of this site that sums up perfectly just what music means to me, but I find the Twitch music section one of the nicest and most uplifting places on the internet to hang out.