The Tools I Use to Update This Site

I’ve had this site for a while now and its gone through a few appearances (I do think I’m finally happy with this one) so I thought it would be interesting to pull back the curtain a bit and talk about the tools I use to maintain and update the site.


Yep, the site is a Hugo generated site and I chose Hugo because it is very easy. You pick a theme from one of the many many themes on offer and build it easily. The theme I use is called mainroad and I like it. If you just want a static website that you can get up and running fairly quickly and is easy to maintain you can’t really go wrong with Hugo.


GitHub pages is how I host the site and Git is how I push updates. I chose this because it is free and I was somewhat familiar with Git/GitHub so it took some of the learning curve from having a hobby site where I post random nonsense.


In addition to using Obsidian as my general notes application (you should at least check it out) I also use it for writing these posts. I have a vault that is the content folder of my Hugo site so I can just go to the correct sub folder, create a new file and write my markdown (Obsidian is a very good markdown editor) and that’s it. No need to save the file, I just then open up my terminal and push it to GitHub.

MacBook Air

Hardware wise my MacBook is my writing machine. I like the workflow for writing as I can put Obsidian in its own space full screen and just write. I also have access to a zsh shell for pushing out posts so win-win.

And that’s it. The tools I use on this site. Pretty simple.