Twitch Music Streamers that I Like

Recently I have discovered the joy of the music section on Twitch, and I have gotten into it so much that most of the channels I now follow are music streamers. It’s no secret that I love music, I have a quote in the footer of this site that sums up perfectly just what music means to me, but I find the Twitch music section one of the nicest and most uplifting places on the internet to hang out. The streamers and their communities are so friendly and the streamers do their best to help each other out with positive raids and regular shout outs. Finding a good music streamer is a nice way to spend an evening so I thought I would share the love in my own way and write this with some recommendations for channels I like to watch.

KevinYWong - A singer/songwriter and theatre lyricist/composer with a superb voice. He sings a mix of originals and covers in many genres, and takes requests.

arighi_violin - Ubuntu kernel team member and hobbyist violinist. Plays classical and pop pieces and shares his journey of learning to play violin.

shnaff - Another classical streamer. Plays acoustic guitar and keyboard, and has a nice chill vibe on stream.

Ninamare - A classically trained pianist from the Netherlands. She doesn’t only stream music but she is very talented and runs a chilled out stream.

bengreenbergmusic - A folk singer/songwriter with a good collection of original songs to request as well as covers. Can do live learns for donations/subs too which are always fun and interesting.

henriviolin - Another violinist and a seriously talented one from Brazil. Plays a mix of pop and classical pieces. Highly recommended.

katieoflahertymusic - An irish singer/songwriter who sings a mix of pop and irish traditional staples. Lovely voice and friendly streams.

CaoinFitzMusic - Another irish singer/songwriter. Plays covers and originals in the alternative genre.

BekahStanush - She sings covers and plays ukulele and has a wonderfully chill and friendly stream. The kind of place to hang out while in bed on the laptop.