My Top 10 Bands

I thought I would share my top 10 bands in a post so here they are. I should note that these are in no particular order because I would find it too difficult to rank these bands for various reasons. They are just a list of bands that I keep going back to again and again so surely that makes them my favourite bands???


Queen are the band that kickstarted my love affair with music. A friend at school loaned me the Greatest Hits compilation and I was hooked. I now have all their albums on vinyl and digitally (sidebar, my favourite is Sheer Heart Attack). I love Queen so much that I still tune in when I see a their Live at Wembley on TV.

The Who

The greatest rock & roll band in history. I have always liked The Who but fell in love with them in a big way when I saw them live on the Quadrophenia tour. It was a great show and the songs from the album were arranged brilliantly and, yeah, it made me become a little fanatical. Still, that’s what its all about, eh?


AC/DC were probably the next band I discovered after Queen. I saw the Live album (from 91 or 92 I think?) in a record store (when they still existed) and thought “why not?”, the rest as they say is history. I now have all their albums on CD and have seen them twice. A great band for those times when you just want to put on something fun to escape a crappy day.


I’m pretty sure I have seen Journey three times, all with Arnel Pineda fronting them. I make no secret about the fact I love Journey. I love the early fusion years, I love the Steve Perry years where they achieved massive popularity and I love everything since. Another band all of whose albums I own. I feel like Neal Schon does not get his due as a guitarist compared to others but he is superb (I even have some of his solo albums), Jonathan Cain as a keyboard player is superb and as a whole they are tight.


Boston have a sound that I can immediately recognise. As soon as that guitar kicks in I know it is Tom Scholz within a few bars (another criminally underrated player by the way). From More Than A Feeling to Peace of Mind to A Man I’ll Never Be they are just fantastic. I consider their first three albums to be a classic rock holy trinity and a must listen.


I discovered Europe with the album Secret Societies and remember playing Always The Pretenders pretty much on a loop. I now have all of their albums and consider them to be one of the few 80s bands whose music has actually gotten better down the years. It probably isn’t a popular opinion but I think any of their post 2004 albums are better than Final Countdown. Maybe because it just rocks harder. Either way, definitely a band I keep coming back to.

Deep Purple

What can be said about Deep Purple that has not been said a thousand times before by countless others? The band is legendary at this point. The legendary MK 2 lineup, the fantastic, MK 3 line up and the criminally under appreciated MK 4 line up (seriously, listen to Come Taste the Band, it doesn’t get the due it deserves). Even their most recent albums have their moments too. The fact early Whitesnake and Rainbow spawned off Deep Purple also puts them in high regard as far as I am concerned.


Love me some Toto, another band whose every album is in my collection. I first heard them with Rosanna, loved that and branched out to their other stuff. They are a hard band to classify, which is probably why I don’t hear much about them from music media. I don’t even know how to classify them except to say maybe prog/fusion meets AOR? Great band with a great live show and Steve Lukather is a genius.

Van Halen

Damn, Van Halen are great. I have spent a fair amount of time with them this year since the passing of Eddie Van Halen. An innovative band and, by the way, I like both the David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar years.


From the new wave of British heavy metal, Saxon are not one of the bands you tend to hear a lot about as it tends to be all about Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. While I do love those bands I tend to prefer Saxon even if I am not sure why. Great band though who have put out good music in recent years unlike many of their NWOBHM contemporaries. Denim and Leather & Wheels of Steel are damn great albums.