Bands to check out if you like psychedelic and/or prog rock


Naxatras are a psychedelic rock band from Greece who like to jam so expect longer tracks to lose yourself in. The LP version of their albums boast a AAA analog production chain (the download versions are AAD) so they sound fantastic in this age of loud, compressed audio. Great music + great audio = nirvana.


1886 won’t kick you up the backside with heavy riffs but they will let your mind drift off to lazy psychedelic groove reminiscent of all that was great from the late 60s and early 70s.


Wucan describe themselves as “Topsy-Turvy Higgledy-Piggledy Folk-Blues-Psych-Stoner-ProtoMetal-Soul with a pinch of confusion”; I say it is just damn good blues rock infused prog. Don’t just throw it on in the background, sit down and really listen.

Church of the Cosmic Skull

I keep rabbitting on about this band but it’s for good reason. The harmonies, the melodies, the infectious lyrics, the riffs and grooves; it all adds up to music you can listen to for hours.

Mostly Autumn

Definitely influenced by 70s prog, in Mostly Autumn you will hear Genesis, Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull with celtic and folk woven into the mix. It makes for an interesting musical journey. They gained a following through relentless touring and done it without signing to a major record label, an impressive achievement.

Panic Room

Panic Room are not a band I hear a lot of people talking about which is a crying shame, as they are a rather great prog band who incorporate electronic elements in their music quite a bit. Give them a try.


I was really into Touchstone for a while but their last album was released in 2013 so they took a backseat on my collection. They are very much worth a listen though and you will hear Asia and Marillion influences in their music.

Von Hertzen Brothers

Definitely the most well known band on this list but one you must check out. Take a classic rock sound, mix in some prog, maybe a little folk; and the result is Von Hertzen Brothers. Good stuff.