What Have I Been Listening To (May 2021)

May already. Man, this year is flying by. Well, it is time for another round up of what I have been listening to so without further ado let’s get into it. It has been a while since I did one of these so there we have a lot to get through.

Before that, I have made some musical recommendations on Jason Evangelho’s Tech For Everyone newsletter. It’s a good newsletter (and not just because of my recommendations) so you should check it out.

Medicine at Midnight by Foo Fighters

I’ve been listening to the new Foo Fighters album a lot and it is good, very good. I have sadly seen more than one review from big media outlets that left me wondering whether they even listened to the album in a critical manner. Or maybe they have a quota of albums they have to trash. Don’t listen to any of them. There are some wonderfully catchy melodies on this one and the beats will have you tapping that foot and nodding that head along.

Shame Shame

All The Right Noises by Thunder

I attempted a review of this one soon after it was released, read it here if you must. This album feels like they have had enough of what’s going on in the world and they are pissed off. They take aim at brexit, Trump and intolerance towards immigrants. There are a couple of good time songs too so its not all heavy subject matter.

Last One Out Turn Off The Lights

Death By Rock & Roll by The Pretty Reckless

Don’t sleep on this one. I’ve liked The Pretty Reckless for a while now, Taylor Momsen’s vocal performance will capivate you throughout this album. There are even cameos from Soundgarden’s Matt Cameron and Kim Thayll on the grungey Only Love Can Save Me Now; and an appearance by Tom Morello on And So It Went. 25 is a highlight where the singer explores a life of idolising troubled rock stars.


I Found The Sun Again by Steve Lukather

I love Steve Lukather, the man is a genius and one of my favourite guitar players from one of my favourite bands of all time. Toto bandmates David Paich and Joseph Williams make appearances on this album which is as varied and eclectic in its influences as you’d expect from a Steve Lukather album. From the melodic and moody opener to the funky and psychedelic Serpent Soul, to the jazz piano of The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys, to the chilled out vibe on the title track there is a lot to like.

Along For The Ride

Black Spiders Self Titled

Yes, the Black Spiders of Sheffield are back after a hiatus and they are in form. The riffs are still present, as is the attitude albeit with a maturity that only comes with age and through living life. Highlights on the album are the Easybeats cover Good Times and the rather Black Sabbath like Wizard Shall Not Kill Wizard and Death Comes Creepin. I’m a sucker for the more moody songs, but damn they look like they had fun making that video for Good Times in lockdown.

Good Times

Ethereality by Maverick

Don’t sleep on this one either. They hail from Northern Ireland and I’ve been a fan of Maverick for a good number of years now and I think Ethereality may be their best album yet. If you’re a fan of NWOBHM and 80s metal, give this one a spin. Fantastic vocals and heavy riffs throughout.


Tail End Of A Hurricane by Trucker Diablo

The big truck rolls on. Trucker Diablo are another band from Northern Ireland. They have been releasing albums every few years for a decade now, I have been a fan since their second album, Songs of Iron. What you get here are big riffs, catchy melodies, and singalong choruses with a southern rock swagger. Its just a rollicking good time.


Exhalers Self Titled

Exhalers is the new (currently) solo project by Northen Ireland’s Alan Lynn, formerly of LaFaro. I’m still getting to know this one but so far I like it. It’s a good slice of alt rock for 2021.