Some things I picked up on Bandcamp

With Bandcamp waiving their cut of sales revenue at the time of writing (March 20 2020) I thought I would throw together a post of some of the things I have bought and enjoyed recently since I like sharing great music.

The Cosmic Trip Advisors Full Digital Discography

The Cosmic Trip Advisors hail from Scotland and I think the best descriptor for them is rock and soul. The music is a groovey blues rock trip that will take you back to simpler musical times when the love was free and people were smoking new things.

The Cosmic Trip Advisors

Church of the Cosmic Skull - Everybody’s Going to Die

Their third album and for me the best yet. It was released late in the year but I have been listening relentlessly and have deemed it more than worthy of inclusion. The Skull just keep getting better with each release. This is a collection of insanely catchy psyche grooves but with honest and heartfelt writing. Great writing, great musicianship, beautiful harmonies and Brother Bill’s glorious beard; the album has the lot.

Everybody’s Going To Die

Joseph Huber - Moondog

I’ve been a fan of Joseph Huber since I discovered his first album, The Suffering Stage, in 2017 (which was in my top 5 that year); so I was looking forward to the followup. This doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. The instrumentation from the string band and the poetic lyricism makes this a very fine bluegrass tinged country album. There is even a musicalisation of the WB Yeats poem The Wild Swans at Coole which is truly epic.


Left Lane Cruiser Full Digital Discography

Some fine dirty southern blues rock. I think they describe themselves better than I ever could so in their own words Left Lane Cruiser are “a bona fide blues rock band from the American mid-west. Far from pretending to be rambling hobos for the sake of a manufactured image, Left Lane Cruiser has been genuinely living the blues for over a decade, bringing its freestyle jams to crowds all over the world”

Left Lane Cruiser

Farewell Marshal Brunswick by Black Casino And The Ghost

Black Casino And The Ghost are an alternative rock band from London and it is quite amazing how many different styles and musical elements into an album and still keep it sounding cohesive and strong. Check it out for yourself.

Farewell Marshal Brunswick

Faithless Rituals by Sky Valley Mistress

The full length debet album from Sky Valley Mistress, at the time of writing literally only just released so I don’t have thoughts specific to the album, except to say I already know Punk Song is awesome. I have followed the band for a while and love their desert stoner vibe. They have been compared to Kyuss which is no bad thing.

Faithless Rituals

Old Gods by Valley of the Sun

Fuzz laden stoner grooves and a finely structured album. Hints of Alice in Chains and Queens of the Stone Age in places. Buy, download, listen, rock out!

Old Gods

Breathe In Colours by Forever Still

Forever Still are a metal band I have followed for a while and have fallen in love with. Maja Shining is a superb metal vocalist; one minute she is softer and more melodic, the next she is perforating your ear drums with a full on metal scream, and it works.

Breathe In Colours

Amber & Gold by Alunah

There must be something in the water in the North and midlands of England because the region produces the best doom metal. Alunah is one such band producing great down tempo down tuned doom grooves.

Amber & Gold

The Quest by LEAH

Gothic symphonic folk metal with lots of celtic imagery, that is what you get with LEAH.

The Quest

Curse Of The Fallen by CONJURING FATE

Formed in Northern Ireland, Conjuring Fate are one for fans of classic NWOBHM a la Iron Maiden and Saxon.

Curse Of The Fallen

Far From Earth by Stonefield

A band formed by four sisters from Australia, I first discovered Stonefield on Last FM back when it was a good music discovery service. Initially they were on the poppier side of rock music but with this album they have moved in a heavier and more psychedelic direction and I like it.

Far From Earth