What Have I Been Listening To? (Jan 2021)

The last day of January (thank God, I hate January) so time to round up what I have been listening to.

January has been a slow release so I been mostly getting reqcquainted with some old favourites. Here are some highlights….


Yeah, I love Journey (have I ever mentioned that before? :P) so I like to listen to them a lot. This month it was a lot of Infinity, Departure, Escape, and Frontiers.


Another big favourite. I like to listen to Sheer Heart Attack as much as possible (my favourite Queen album and a top 10 favourite of all time). Queen I and II, as well as The Game may also have got a spin or two.

Immortal by Michael Schenker Group

This is a new one, just released. I am still getting to know it and while it isn’t a bad album by any stretch, it is a bit jarring having so many different lead vocalists on the album. I’d like it if Schenker just went with Ronnie Romero throughout. I need to spend more time with it though.

Aggie Whyte

Some fine traditional Irish fiddling from a name quite revered across Ireland. Heard about this on the Ceili House radio show and bought it.

Cascade by Hurricane Blonde

Hurricane Blonde is the music project of linux and tech content creator Jason Evangelho and this song is kinda cool in a lofi raw kind of way (which I like).

Too Mean to Die by Accept

Another new one that I am still getting to know so I don’t have much to say about it yet.