What Have I Been Listening To (Aug 2020)

Time to have a run down of what music I have been listening to and enjoying recently.

Welcome to the Hard Times by Charley Crocket

This guy continues to impress in the country music sphere. His song writing is genuine and heartfelt and his sound is country through and through. He will be big in the coming years

Memories Of by Kaz Hawkins

An album that pays tribute to the work of the great Etta James by a wonderful artist who has interpreted the songs in her own unique way. It is clear that Etta James’ music means a lot to Kaz Hawkins and she has done it justice here.

God Made A Woman by Lauren Mascitti

I was expecting a very pop focused album when I started listening to it but was pleasantly surprised at how authentically country it is. The song writing feels authentically honest which is how I like my country music.

On The Widow’s Walk by The White Buffalo

I have listened to this album a lot. A wonderful blend of country, southern rock and folk with excellent song writing throughout.

The Secret of Our Time by Siena Root

This band have been around for a while but I have only discovered them recently. They have a sound that harks back to the psychedelic and progressive sounds of the late 60s and 70s. One for fans of bands like Deep Purple et al.

folklore by Taylor Swift

Look, I am a fan of Taylor Swift. She is a talented singer, songwriter and musician, and for me this surprise album is her best in years. It is a folk album so a departure from her usual sound but there is a maturity in the songwriting and the musical arrangements that keeps pulling me in.

Brain Dead by More Sun

The musical project of linux content creator Jason Evangelho and Jerry Morrison has released their first single, which is the full length version of the Linux For Everyone theme song. They call it slacker rock, I call it good music.