I Think I Am Done With Android Based DAPs

As the title says, I really do think I am done buying Android based DAPs (digital audio players). Why? Well, I shall tell you.

I currently have a Fiio M11. It is a good DAP as far as audio quality goes and it has two micro SD card slots supporting a large capacity which means I can always have all my music with me. I cannot complain about that. The problem is that this 2019 released DAP is stuck on Android 7 (2016) released and out of support and no longer receiving updates. I guess a DAP releasing in 2019 with a version of Android from 2016 should have been a big red flag but I am apparently not that clever. This is now an Android device not receiving Android security patches, a risk no matter how you slice it.

This device didn’t even come with Google Play Store support on release because it lacked Play Store certification (that should have been another red flag, have I mentioned I am not that clever?). The community did come up with a hacked solution to get the Play Store working which Fiio integrated into a firmware update but this requires trust that I don’t have.

In addition to this, the Android experience on these devices tends to be janky at best. The WiFi on the Fiio Android devices is not good and they can be slow and laggy at times. I could put up with that though if they received Android updates because the sound quality with good headphones is so good.

I think I am going to throw this thing in a drawer now and just use Youtube Music on my phone for my on the go music needs. I have uploaded all my music to the service so I am not missing out on having my collection with me.