All The Right Noises by Thunder - Review

Thunder are a band who have been around a while and until relatively recently I really wasn’t that into them. Then I saw them live when they opened for Whitesnake and Journey, and they blew both of those bands off the stage; quite impressive in my book as I am a huge Journey fan.

All The Right Noices is their 13th studio album released on March 12th 2021. It is honest and uncompromising; they do not shy away from telling the listener how they feel about events going on in the world, dealing with tough subject matter like mental illness in what may be their heaviest song to date.

Right out of the gate you get a sense of how they are feeling with the line “Shut up, I can’t stand another word, another lie, Four years you’ve been banging on and on, I don’t know why” on Last One Out Turn Out the Lights. It is the band’s “bollocks to brexit” moment pulling no punches about the lack of real political leadership in the UK in the past few years. Clearly Luke Morley and co are angry and it shows even if they did borrow a riff from Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love.

Destruction is the aforrementioned heaviest song the band has written to date, both musically and lyrically as it deals with the hopelessness that comes with mental illness.

The Smoking Gun is an acoustic song with an almost americana feel that takes aim at former US President Trump and pulls no punches as it asks the question of how society did not see this coming. Levying the accusation that we were all “hypnotised by a lying common thief…and we all left our fingerprints on the smoking gun”. This is one of two songs to deal with the subject of Trump, the other being Force of Nature which attempts to get inside his head to gain insight into the cult of personality that he exploited so effectively

St Georges Day is a look at modern Britain through an immigrant’s eyes taking aim at the intolerance and prejudice that exists when it comes to immigration and that was exploited so expertly in the brexit referendum.

It’s not all dark heavy subject matter however. Going to Sin City with a riff that would be at home on an ACDC album is a more light hearted good time, as is Don’t Forget to Live Before You Die. Young Man is a retrospective look at the world comparing what it is like to be young in the 2020s with what it was like when the band were young and starting out.

I’ll Be The One is a cracking ballad the to me feels like it is a parent talking to a child, reassuring them that there is always a place for them at home should they fall on hard times. It also features quite the gorgeous guitar solo.

The weakest songs for me are You’re Gonna Be My Girl and She’s a Millionairess, the latter being a particularly forgettable piss take song making fun of trust fund kids.

All in all this is a very solid album from Thunder, an album that sees them enraged and engaged with the world, and one I recommend.