Why Am I Not a Linux Only User?

So, in recent weeks and months I have been mulling a few things over in the old brain box regarding technology and the choices I have made, as well as why I made them; and I just wanted to put down some thoughts on why I am not a 100% linux user as I do use Windows on occasion and now I have a MacBook, but first some history.

I first started using linux back in 2009 and for a couple of years I dual booted with Windows before I decided to wipe Windows and just use linux; and I did for a few years. I also became that guy we have all encountered online who takes great pride in only using linux and telling everyone that he only uses linux. I also spent time deriding Windows and Mac OS, and making fun of those who use those operating systems. I was basically a meme, you know, the grey beard “I only use linux and so should you” type. Not a phase that I am proud of.

In the past 2 or 3 years I have found myself becoming weary of that mindset I was guilty of. I started to become much more pragmatic in my outlook. It may be related to the fact I bought a new PC in 2017 and gradually moved from primarily console based gaming to primarily PC based gaming, and seeing that linux, while it has come on massively in this area, still has a long way to go. I have gone back to dual booting with Windows, and while I do much of my gaming on linux I do sometimes boot into Windows to play a game that just does not work. An example of that would be Genshin Impact which I had some fun with in the last year. Now, in 2021, I have just bought my first MacBook and it has confirmed these thoughts that I have been having around how I was limiting my technological experience for no good reason.

I have now come to the realisation that when it comes to technology, there is no one size fits all solution that fills all needs for all people. Windows is still the best tool for some jobs, Mac OS is still the best tool for some jobs and linux is the best tool for some jobs. The same goes for mobile operating systems too, I have used Android and iOS extensively and they both have the things they do well and the things the don’t do so well. A great many people will need to use all of these operating systems to get things done and they don’t need people with the mindset I used to have attacking them for it.

My advice to anyone who reads this post is do not limit your technological experience because of ideology. Approach it with an open mind and don’t set yourself in an absolutist mindset where you will use one OS and only one OS for the rest of your life. This is even more important if you work in or want to work in the technology field, as being familiar with Windows, Mac and linux (as well as Android and iOS) will open more doors to you as your career progresses. Even if technology is just a hobby to you though, limiting your experience will have a negative impact in the long run as circumstances inevitably change, such is the way of life.

I hope this is coherent, as I said I just wanted to put these thoughts out there as it is an important topic to discuss, one we don’t seem to talk about enough.