Why Do I Like Vivaldi Browser?

Vivaldi browser. I like it, I like it a lot. So much so that I have made it my primary web browser and done “sudo apt purge firefox”. The only other web browser I have installed is Microsoft Edge and that is really just for it’s web app support, which in my opinion is the best of any other browser; but I digress.

Why do I like Vivaldi so much? Well I shall endeavour to tell you.


No other web browser comes close to the level of customisability you get with Vivaldi. Seriously. One look in the settings dialogue and I am reminded of KDE Plasma; there are more options than I know what to do with. Personally, I keep it simple and just move my tab bar to the left and theme my browser in glorious pink gloriousness.

Tab management

I don’t often have a lot of tabs open but when I do it can get quite unwieldy in most browsers. Not so in Vivaldi with teo level tab stacking. I didn’t know how nice two level tab stacking could be until Vivaldi added it. In addition to that I can customise the new tab location to have it after the active tab, after related tabs, as the last tab or stacked with related tabs. I tend to make use of either after the active tab or as the last tab; I like that I can always choose.

Built in tracker and ad blocking

This is more useful on Android because I always run Ublock Origin on desktop but it is a glorious (and necessary) feature. You can just block trackers or trackers and ads, and you can ad additional block lists if you wish. It makes browsing a website on Android less miserable.

Built in mail client

It needs to be enabled in Vivaldi experiments but, yes, it does have a built in mail client and it works well. It is great for those occasions when I want to look at an email but can’t be bothered logging into webmail.

Tab tiling

A wonderful feature on my ultrawide monitors. I can hold the Ctrl key, select the tabs I want side by side, right click and tile tabs. I am learning Python at the moment so being able to have the Python course and a Jupyter notebook side by side in one window is very useful.