How to get MPD working on Solus

My favourite music client on my linux PC is Music Player Daemon (to be referred to as MPD from this point on) but I did have some trouble getting it working properly on Solus so this is just a quick guide to assist you.

Note that this is not a guide in configuring MPD with a client, it is to show you how to get the service started on Solus (I cannot say if this will work in other distros as I have not tested it).

First thing you will need to do is note the location of your mpd.conf file, I have mine located in:


Now we need to edit the mpd.service file to point to your config file. To to this open a terminal window and enter:

sudo nano /usr/lib/systemd/user/mpd.service

Look for the ExecStart line and change as follows:

Before > ExecStart=/usr/bin/mpd –no-daemon

After > ExecStart=/usr/bin/mpd –no-daemon /home/paul/.mpd /mpd.conf

Now reload the systemd user daemon

systemctl –user daemon-reload

Now start the MPD service

systemctl –user start mpd.service

systemctl –user enable mpd.service

That’s it, you should now be able to use MPD to listen to music.