How to create a Chromium Webapp and pin it to your task bar separate from Chromium itself

So I use Google Stadia in the Chromium web browser and I wanted to create a webapp of it, pin it to my desktop and set a WM_CLASS to keep it separate from other Chromium windows. It was a bit of a faff to get working but it was worth the faff.

First of all what will you need to make it happen?

Chromium web browser


Now open up Menulibre and add a new menu item for your webapp. Complete the fields you need (icon, name, command), the command should be as follows

chromium –app= –user-data-dir=/home/paul/Documents/Webapps/Stadia –class=“Stadia”

Note that I had to create Webapps/Stadia in my Documents folder

Now you should be able to open the application from the menu. Simply right click on the running application and click the star icon. You have now pinned your webapp to the Budgie panel (I use Solus BTW) separate from the Chromium pin.

Note that this does work for other webapps you may create as I have done the same thing with Discord. Just change the URL, and the Stadia bits of the –user-data-dir flag to your webapp. The data directory is for persistence so that you don’t have to keep logging in every time you open the webapp.