Linux Podcasts I Like

So I just thought I would share the linux podcasts I like to listen to with a sentence or two on why I like them.

Linux for Everyone

Hosted by article writer, video maker and musician Jason Evangelho this is one of the best podcasts to come out in the past few years. A relative newcomer to linux, Jason brings to the table wonderful positivity and an infectious enthusiasm that one cannot help but get behind.

Linux Spotlight

Hosted by Rocco, this podcast is all about the community which is very much unique in the podcast space. This is the podcast that allows us all to get to know the people behind the linux distributions and open source software we all use every day; as well as the people using it. An important podcast that is well worth your timme.

Ubuntu Podcast

Hosted by Alan, Martin and Mark Ubuntu Podcast is the longest running podcast on my list and it is long running for a reason. Covering all the news and happenings around the Ubuntu community, as well as quite often the wider linux community, it is essential listening for staying up to date.

Linux Lads

Hosted by Conor, Shane and Mike and based in Ireland, Linux Lads may not always be family friendly but it is always very informative and worth a listen.

The New Show

The New Show is hosted by Daniel, Joe and Alan, and while it is not strictly a linux podcast it is extremely entertaining. Another one that isn’t exactly family friendly, they take questions about linux, FOSS, tech and life from their listeners and answer them on the show.

Linux User Space

A newcomer to the podcast scene. Hosted by Rocco, Dan, Joe and Leo, what I love is how they do a massive deep dive into a distro, looking at the history and the ethos behind it before going into their own experiences running it. It is all done in a very approachable way with a focus on the end user.

Honourable Mention

Big Daddy Linux Live

I say honourable mention because BDLL isn’t a podcast. It is an open live LUG meeting where Rocco hosts a Zoom call every Saturday night and lets people from the community join in and discuss all things linux. I have joined in myself a couple of times (the monthly Europe editions) and they are a lot of fun, along with the aftershow.