Applications I must have on my linux PC

Web Browsers


Vivaldi has been becoming my primary web browser for a while now due to how smooth the browsing experience is, how many configuration options it has (it is the KDE of browsers), and the features it has. A great browser that is often overlooked.

Mozilla Firefox

I maintain that one should always have two different browsers installed on their machine and that 2nd browser for me is trusty old Firefox. Once the browser that broke the IE monopoly, Firefox has struggled since Chrome came on the scene but it is still a very fine browser.

Music Software


I like music and I have a large local music collection so I need a good application to manage it. I have tried many on linux down the years and the most recent favourite is Lollypop. Does everything you need in a music manager/player and it looks beautiful.


I still buy a lot of music and the tags from download stores are quite often a mess. This makes a decent tag editor essential and my choice is ExFalso. It comes along with the Quod Libet music manager but I install it as a standalone application. It is the only tag editor I have found that gives me complete control.

Ebook Managment


I also have a sizable ebook collection and there is really only one viable option to manage it and that is Calibre. I can update the metadata, convert to mobi where needed and add them to my Kindle Fire; there is simply no other application that does this as well as Calibre.



I like to play games and that means I have to have Steam. It is the defacto default game store, for better or worse (I suspect the latter but I am generally mistrustful of monopolies). I still think the client itself is not brilliant but if you play games you must have it.


I love; ethically they do pretty much everything right which is not something I can say about any other game store, and it is the home to some magnificently weird and quirky indie games. Between Itch and Steam I have more games than I will ever likely be able to play.


Standard Notes

It has become a must have for me. I use it for writing these posts, for keeping track of post ideas. I use it to store fixes to issues I inevitably create for myself as well as the things I need to do when I install a distro. It contains the music and video games I have been enjoying most in the current year. I’d be lost with out it.

VS Codium

I have been playing around with BASH scripts lately and I intend on learning some python scripting, and the editor I use for this is VS Codium. It is just a really nice and extensible code editor to use.


There is no other application or service that I trust to manage all the passwords I have for all my online accounts. Free (although I take the £10 a year option), open source, can be installed on every device I own and keeps knocking the security audits out of the park; what’s not to like?