What Gnome Extensions Do I Use?

Ah, Gnome. I like it by default but it is also extensible which makes it even better. So, what extensions do I like to use? Well, I shall tell you.

Before I start I should mention that I use Ubuntu so I won’t list the extensions included by the distro out of the box.

Drop Down Terminal X

Everyone should have a drop down terminal, be it Guake, Tilda or Yakuake. I didn’t want to install a package to get my drop down terminal so I installed this extension. It works well. I hit F12, do whatever command I need, F12 again and let it go in the background.

Emoji Selector

The most important extension on the list (I jest, sort of). Everyone likes emojis and this serves up many emojis. Good stuff.

Mpris Indicator Button

I like a separate indicator for audio when I am listening to music, an audio book or a podcast. This works well and gives me playback controls, it even has track list and playlist support for some music players

Places Status Indicator

I still like a Places menu steming from the Gnome 2 days. I like quick access to the different folders on my system and this gives it to me.

Snap Manager

A nice easy GUI way to manage and update the snap packages that I have installed.

Sound Input & Output Device Chooser

Essential if you have more than one audio input and output device. It allows me to quickly change device and manage volume as I need to.

Application Volume Mixer

Per app volume control, you gotta have it.


A nice easy way to get a quick snapshot of what your system is doing. Shows temperature, fan speed, CPU & RAM use. Very useful.

User Themes

Theme the shell to you liking (you need the Tweaks application to actually change the theme)