My Favourite Operating Systems (2022 Edition)

A few years ago I shared my favourite Linux based operating systems, but things have changed since then, so I thought I would revisit the subject. These are operating systems that I like personally, not operating systems that I would necessarily recommend to others, so bear that in mind.

Ubuntu Mate

This one has not changed, I still like Ubuntu Mate; so much so that I became a Patreon supporter recently. In my view, it is the best implementation of the Mate desktop of any operating system. I like that it is very user-friendly, comes with a sane set of defaults and lets you switch desktop layouts with just a few clicks. This is one operating system that I would feel comfortable recommending to others.


Fedora is a new addition to the list, and it is because I set myself a challenge in 2021 to use Fedora as my main operating system AND use the Gnome desktop with no extensions. I used to think there was no way I could use Gnome without extensions as I would miss too many features, but I found the longer I used Fedora I prefer Gnome without extensions. It felt snappier to use, it was more stable, and I wasn’t risking security issues by installing third-party code into my desktop.


Yes, you read that correctly, I use and like MacOS. I am using it right now to write this post, in fact, my MacBook Air has become my primary writing machine. I love Mission Control, I love Spotlight, and I love how well it integrates with my iPhone and iPad. It is also nice to have a proper app for Apple Music, which both Linux and Windows lacks.

Windows 11

Windows has improved massively since Windows 8 (what a mess). I think Windows 11 may be the best Windows experience ever. As for why I use it, I may have switched to consoles for gaming, but I still have large Steam and Itch libraries. So I keep Windows on the PC for the times I get an itch to play something in those libraries.