How to pin CLI applications to the Budgie panel

So I like to be able to pin my most used applications to my panel for quick access. This is not something I have ever been able to do until recently when I discovered how, so without further ado here is my short guide.

First of all, what will you need to make it happen?

A terminal emulator that supports changing of the WM_CLASS property. I use Kitty but I believe Urxvt also has the ability


Now open up Menulibre and add a new menu item for your chosen CLI application. I will use ncmpcpp for this example. Complete the fields you need (icon, name, command), the command should be as follows

kitty –class=ncmpcpp -e ncmpcpp

Now you should be able to open the application from the menu. Simply right-click on the running application and click the star icon. You have now pinned your CLI application to the Budgie panel separate from the terminal emulator pin.