Things I Want To Do in 2021

Well, the year 2020 is done and everyone is relieved. I thought I would kick off the year by chronicling some things I would like to do in 2021. I won’t call them “resolutions” because those things never last long; let’s just call them goals or targets that I would like to achieve.


In 2020, I began learning to programme in Python and found I enjoy it. In addition, I completed a course on data engineering through work that focused a lot on Python (Pandas specifically) and I would like to take what I learned to the next level. My manager has mentioned more than once how hard it is to get someone with Python skills in the company so I figure it would be a good time investment.


I am not a good writer, or probably even an adequate writer, but I have found I enjoy publishing thoughts and ramblings so I will try to do more of that (the practice may even make me a better writer). It will be dependent on coming up with ideas but when I think of one I will write.

Game Backlog

My Steam library is insane, I have so many games I have never played/finished. I would like to keep my new game purchases to an absolute minimum so I can work through the backlog. I will be buying Trails of Cold Steel 4 and Ys 9 when they hit PC but beyond that, I will consider potential purchases very carefully. I have already cut my wishlist by a lot and cancelled Humble monthly so that is progress, right?


I don’t want to distro hop anymore, I want to get things done. I thought about doing a Fedora or openSUSE for a year challenge but I decided to stay on Ubuntu and continue my Python journey instead. I would like my current installation to remain, just upgrading as I go when 21.04 and 21.10 get released.


Pretty much everyone sets a goal of trying to lose weight in the new year, I am not going to set a specific target in that regard because it always leads to disappointment when you don’t see the progress you hoped for which leads to a relapse (I speak from experience). Instead, my goal is simply to be healthier by eating better and being more active (I plan on adopting a dog to help with that one. You can ignore exercise equipment but you can’t ignore a dog that wants to go out). If weight loss results from that, fantastic.

That’s it, some things I would like to do in 2021. Let’s make it a great one!