Why I Am Onboard With Game Streaming

It is a very unpopular opinion among “gamers” but I am quite excited about a future where streaming is my primary way to play games, and I would like to share some of the reasons why.

Game sizes

Games sizes are getting ridiculous. There have been examples where a game will be in the 100s of GBs in size and that takes quite a while to download. This is not a concern with streaming. You buy your game, you click play and it loads immediately. That is quite the enticing prospect.

Lower barrier to entry

Buying gaming hardware is expensive, prohibitively so for many. Whether you are buying the latest console or building a gaming PC, it costs a lot of money; add in the cost of buying games and it is an expensive hobby. Streaming reduces the buy in considerably. There is no need to buy new hardware to play a game, you are able to play it on a device you already own be it a phone, tablet or laptop. Also a very enticing prospect.

Device agnostic

Leading on from the point about being able to play on existing devices, additionally being able to start a game on one device and then move to another device without losing progress is a big plus to any gamer. The fact you can close a session on one device and pick up that same session on another (within a certain time frame) makes it even better.

No need to install weird middleware

The DRM and kernel level anti cheat software being required on my machine is a major bugbear of mine. With streaming that concern goes away. Let them install whatever middleware they want on the hosting servers, all I need is my web browser to enjoy the game.

OS agnostic

The streaming services I have tried all work as well no matter what operating system you use meaning I would not need to maintain a dual boot system in order to play the games I want to play. This is a big deal for me as it would enable me to reclaim some disk space.

All in all I am feeling quite good about a future where streaming becomes the norm, which I believe it will. Publishers want this because it would basically end piracy and give them more control over the game, as well as not having to target a million different hardware configurations in the development and testing of their games.