How ProtonDB ratings should be

We all know that ProtonDB is a good resource to find out what games work on linux and what games don’t, but the overall rating (platinum, gold, silver etc) is pretty flawed. An example that I ran into some time back was Tokyo Xanadu EX which was rated platinum on ProtonDB but when I played it on linux I got 20 hours in and was met with a black screen and could not progress. I had to finish the game on Windows. I am sorry, but that is not a platinum experience; to me, that is borked since you cannot finish the game. Another example is Elite Dangerous where there is a lot of tweaking needed to get it playable, including using protontricks, which belies its gold rating. At most I would say ED is a silver experience.

So what kind of experience do I think should be represented by each rating? Well, let me tell you.

Platinum should be self explanatory, no additional steps should be needed to get it running beyond downloading the game and clicking play, and the experience of playing the game should be as stable and smooth as it is on Windows.

Gold should be for games that may require a simple launch command in Steam to get it running and the gameplay experience should be mostly smooth perhaps with occasional frame drops or very minor graphical/sound issues.

Silver should be reserved for a game which requires a custom build of proton like the GloriousEggroll spin or if there are more frequent (but not game breaking graphical/sound issues) then it should be rated silver.

Bronze should be games which require the user to manually install components to the proton prefix using tools like protontricks or winetricks. Performance of a bronze rated game will be on the verge of being unplayable.

Borked speaks for itself, the game will either not run at all or will not be finishable on linux.

While the rating system on ProtonDB is nowhere near the uselessness of Distrowatch, it is still less than ideal and needs rethinking. The linux gaming community should get together and have a conversation around this issue posthaste.