5 Hassle Free Games You Can Play on Linux Via Proton

Valve’s Proton is a wonderful thing, it is designed to make games on Steam with no native linux build work on linux using a mix of magic from WINE, DXVK and some other goodies. The question is, does it achieve it? Yes, for the most part it does, and it does so in a way where there is no hassle in making things work. My goal today is to share with you five lovely games you can buy, download and play right away. The only rule here is that there should be no messing with launch options, Proton GE(the third party GloriousEggroll build) or protontricks wizardry. The must be as easy as downloading the game and hitting play.

Tales of Berseria

An action jrpg developed and published by Bandai Namco, this game is one of my favourite played this year. The combat mechanics are satisfying, even if they don’t set the jrpg genre alight, but the story and character progression are the big draws in this game. What starts out a simple enough revenge story develops into something much bigger and darker as you progress through. This was the first Tales games I played and upon completing it I bought the rest on Steam.

Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom

Another action jrpg (this may become a theme) that blew me away when I played it last year. This game follows the young King Evan in exile from his kingdom as he sets about creating a new kingdom where everyone is welcome and everyone can be happy, as well as forging an alliance from leaders of the other kingdoms to fight of a dark foe seeking to destroy the world. There are several game mechanics that fit together to make the game. The main combat mechanic is your basic hack and slash style, but occasionally there is a battle system that is more strategic in that you need to choose from several battle units with different fighting styles to each other. It is a rather lovely story about friendship and cooperation.


Hades is an action roguelike, and while I am not usually a roguelike fan I have to say I do enjoy playing this from time to time. You play Zagreus, prince of the underworld, trying to make your escape from hell in defiance of your father. The artstyle is beautiful and the combat is really fun and satisfying.

Octopath Traveller

Another jrpg, although this one is more of a nod to the classic jrpgs of the past. The pixel art graphics are quite beautiful and it has a rather wonderful soundtrack. The combat is turn based and each character you add to your party brings something new and unique to the table. The story is what makes Octopath Traveller shine. You travel the world as part of your own story but as you do so you meet each main character and hear their story as well, and how it interweaves into your own starter character. There is quite a difficulty spike after each chapter so be prepared for some grinding, it is worth it though.

NieR Automata

NieR Automata is quite simply, in my opinion, a masterpiece. It is also an example of a game that can legitimately be described as “art”. From the graphics, the gorgeous soundtrack, the fascinating characters, the beautiful world to the engaging story, there isn’t a bad word I can say about the game. It is simply stunning.

So there you have it, five games you can buy and play on linux through Proton with no messing around. Enjoy.