Some More Games From The Past I Remember Fondly

Last year I shared some games from bygone days that left a lasting impression on me which was a fun little exercise in gaming nostaligia so I thought I would share some more games from the past that I remember very fondly indeed.


Another one from my Commodore 64 days, Turrican was a side scrolling shooter that I never actually completed (games were hard back then, or maybe I just lacked patience? Yeah I think it was the latter). If it were made today it would probably be labelled a “medroidvania” so you get the idea. Fun game that I played a lot, and not just because I didn’t get very many games at that time.

Pokemon Blue

My first Pokemon game and the first game I played on the GameBoy, and a trully bingeworthy game. I loved exploring, finding different Pokemon and trying them out in battle to discover the best line up for my party. I played it endlessly and even now I sometimes fire up an emulator to give it a bash again.

Mario Kart (N64 version)

This was one that I played in my student days, many of which were spent not in class but drinking beer and playing Mario Kart (or the next game). So much fun with friends.

Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi on the Dreamcast, another one from the student days that was crazy levels of fun just driving around, picking up passengers and getting them to their destination in the maddest way possible doing stunts, drifts jumps and more.

Dino Crisis

Basically Resident Evil with dinosaurs instead of zombies but a very good game nonetheless. This game was from the Playstation era and was one that I really enjoyed playing. The gameplay was very similar to Resident Evil and that made it appeal to be because I loved Resident Evil.

Silent Hill

We all know about Silent Hill, the creepy horror game that scared the crap out of many a gamer, and I was no exception. I’d love a remake of the original game, I can imagine how scary it could be using modern technology (or in VR).

Syphon Filter

A series of third person action shooters from the Playstation and Playstation 2 eras, and games that I feel are often overlooked by many gamers as they look back on the great games from the past. Loved these games, especially the missions that needed a little stealth and finesse to complete (I mentioned that I loved Splinter Cell in the previous post so stealth was up my alley).