What Have I Been Playing (May 2021)

Time for another round-up, this time what have I been playing. It’s been a while so let’s just get into it.

Final Fantasy XIV

I mentioned it in my last round up (in January) and since then I have subscribed, bought all current expansions, completed the Shadowbringers story watching all story related cut scenes and reached max level with my dragoon. I also plan on buying Endwalkers later in the year. Yeah I may have developed an addiction broken only by the next game on my list.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV

The conclusion to the Erebonia arc of the Legend of Heroes saga, and what a conclusion it was too. I thoroughly loved all four games in the Cold Steel series and keep recommending them to anyone who will listen. I don’t think I have played another game series that does story and character progression better. I also found myself getting lost in the world they created because it made me want to explore to seek out treasure chests and secrets. The soundtrack ain’t half bad either (it’s gorgeous). Having characters from the Trails in the Sky games playable was pretty great too. I urge anyone with even a passing interest in JRPGs to buy all four games and play them in order.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC

After I finished Trails of Cold Steel IV, I wasn’t ready to leave the Trails world behind quite yet so I decided to go back and play Trails in the Sky and I am glad I did because I think I love the Sky story even more than the Cold Steel story. It centres around the kingdom of Liberl (Cold Steel was centred in Erebonia with references here and there to events in Liberl) and it was rather nice to go back and see the origin story of Estelle and Joshua, who were playble characters in Cold Steel IV.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC

Yep, you guessed it, after finishing Trails in the Sky I still wasn’t ready to leave this world behind so I went straight into the Second Chapter. This is what I am playing at the moment (there is a lot of lore to soak up in these games) so I can’t say much beyond how much I am loving it so far. Now that I have gone back to these games I can see that story and character progression were clearly a strong focus from the very beginning and the skills of this development company started strong and stayed strong throughout. Progression feels organic, it doesn’t feel like you skip important moments in the development of a character’s personality to arrive at an end goal. Yes, it is wordy but the play off for the player is absolutely worth it.