What have I been playing (Jan 2021)

So January 2021 is pretty much done (that was one long month, January always is), so what games have I been playing this month? Well, let me tell you… Before I start I should say that it has been a difficult month due to my work situation so I haven’t played many games.


I picked this up on sale after seeing a review on youtube by JRPG Jungle and I have to say I am glad I did. It is an action jrpg about a young girl on a journey through purgatory to obtain a revival for her younger sister. There are some really emotional moments in the story and it is enhanced by a great soundtrack. I will admit that the combat and level design does get repetitive after a while but the game is saved by the story and that soundtrack, it is these that kept me engaged. Not one for purely mechanical gamers but if you like an emotional story, give it a go.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

I started Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning and it is a fun enough game but the story didn’t really grab me. The combat is really fun though, and the character progression is solid but the story felt kind of “meh” to me so I haven’t finished it yet. I will go back to it in the future but I don’t have much to say right now.


This is the first ever mmorpg that I have gotten properly into. Started playing it on a whim and its the only game I have played for the past week and a half. I have just completed the main story line and my dragoon is at level 55. The main story takes a while to get going but it does get much better later on. I have a tendency to get distracted by exploring opportunities and side quests though, which I guess is a thing in mmos but I am guessing here as I have no frame of reference. I’ll likely be playing this into February as well.

So that is my January round up, not much to talk about but as I have said it has been a difficult month.