Video Games I Enjoyed in 2020

Hooray for video games! A fantastic source of escapism from this dumpster fire of a year. Here are a few of the video games I have enjoyed throughout 2020. No, not all were released this year but they were what I played.

Last Epoch

Let’s get this out of the way; yes, Last Epoch was on my list last year too. At that time I had played 80 hours, now I have logged over 500 hours. The game has just gotten better and better with each update and has kept pulling me back throughout the year.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

I think my discovery of the year is the Trails of Cold Steel series (the Erebonia arc of the wider Trails series), and it may just be by favourite jrpg series. This first instalment of the Cold Steel series sets the foundation for what comes in the following games. It centres around Class Seven of the Thors Military Academy and the trials and tribulations they must face as they deal with the political issues around the empire as well as their own personal growth as a group made up of students from wildly different backgrounds. There is a lot of story here so this is a series you do want to play in order should you decide to pick it up.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2

The second Cold Steel game sees Class Seven distributed throughout the empire which is now in the throes of a war between the nobles of the empire and the reformist faction of the government. The group must reunite with each other and continue their work helping the people of Erebonia. This is the weakest of the three for me but still a great game in the development of the story and the characters.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3

The war is over and our main protagonist is now a tutor at the Thors branch campus training the new class seven, and a national hero. Here we follow old and new class seven as they uncover information about the darkness that has been hanging over the Erebonian empire for centuries, and as it all comes to a head they’re individual resolve and bonds with their classmates are put to the test. I highly recommend this series and am eagerly anticipating the 4th and final instalment of the series next year.

Tales of Berseria

Another jrpg discovery this year and my first (and favourite) experience of the Tales series. It starts out a fairly simple revenge story but as the story and characters develop it becomes so much more. Highly recommended.

Final Fantasy XIV

So, I had never played a MMORPG before this year; well there was Phantasy Star Online 2 where the interface completely overwhelmed me. I had an itch to try a MMO again so I signed up for the FFXIV free trial. I’m glad I did because it is a lot of fun. I am a billy no mates though so I have been playing it by myself which isn’t ideal. Still, I have enjoyed my time with it.

Genshin Impact

Ok, yes, it is a mobile port and yes, it is riddled with the gacha scourge of trying to get you to spend real money on in game currency for buying loot boxes. Putting that aside, Genshin Impact is still a fun game to play with a big world to explore, gorgeous graphics and cool characters with satisfying combat mechanics. If you can look past the gacha mechanics there is a fun game here.

Animal Crossing

Apparently I didn’t have enough games so I bought a Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing was the first game I bought. Such a sweet wholesome game that is the perfect end of day wind down game that you play for an hour in bed before going to sleep. Relaxing gameplay and relaxing soundtrack. Just lovely.

Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk DX

Another jrpg series discovery and Ayesha being my first introduction to the Atelier series. Not the most original of games but it does ooze charm with the artsyle and an eminently likeable cast of characters. Well worth your time.