Random Stuff

I've been using AirPods

I bought myself a pair of 3rd gen Apple AirPods towards the end of 2021 and after several months of using them, I have some thoughts. This is not a comprehensive review, just some thoughts that I thought I would share. First, let’s deal with comfort. I have never liked earbuds that sit inside the ear canal, I find them uncomfortable and after a short time, they tend to hurt my ears.

My Favourite Operating Systems (2022 Edition)

A few years ago I shared my favourite Linux based operating systems, but things have changed since then, so I thought I would revisit the subject. These are operating systems that I like personally, not operating systems that I would necessarily recommend to others, so bear that in mind. Ubuntu Mate This one has not changed, I still like Ubuntu Mate; so much so that I became a Patreon supporter recently.

How I Created This Website Using Hugo and GitHub Pages

As we know from an earlier post this site is a statically generated Hugo site hosted on GitHub Pages, so I thought it would be interesting to do a post detailing the steps involved in getting the site up and running. These instructions should work on a linux based OS or on MacOS. Firstly, what will we need. You will need to install git, hugo and have a GitHub account.

Youtube Channels I Like to Watch

I already shared some Twitch music streamers I like to watch so this time I thought I would share some great YouTube channels I watch regularly. I used to subscribe to a lot of channels and watch a lot of Linux content but in the past 2 years I’ve been growing fed up with most of the Linux content out there so I have branched out into other content. JRPG Jungle It is no secret that I like to play JRPGs but I also watch some JRPG content, and one of my favourite channels for this is JRPG Jungle.

The Tools I Use to Update This Site

I’ve had this site for a while now and its gone through a few appearances (I do think I’m finally happy with this one) so I thought it would be interesting to pull back the curtain a bit and talk about the tools I use to maintain and update the site. Hugo Yep, the site is a Hugo generated site and I chose Hugo because it is very easy. You pick a theme from one of the many many themes on offer and build it easily.