What Have I Been Listening To (May 2022)

I haven’t done one of these in a while which may be bordering on criminal given how much great new music I have been listening to this year. I won’t bore you with a longer into than that, so let’s get into it. Carpe Diem by Saxon Saxon were a part of the NWOBHM trend in the late 70s and into the 80s, but I feel like they never get their proper dues like many others from the time do.

The Best New Music I Listened to in 2021

Well, here we are at the tail end of another year. It feels like just yesterday that I was rounding up 2020 and looking forward to 2021 but here we are. It has been another busy music year with live shows starting to return and lots of artists delivering delayed albums and those lockdown cover albums exploring the music that influenced them down the years. So, without further ado let us get into some of the albums that left an impression on me in 2021.

Twitch Music Streamers that I Like

Recently I have discovered the joy of the music section on Twitch, and I have gotten into it so much that most of the channels I now follow are music streamers. It’s no secret that I love music, I have a quote in the footer of this site that sums up perfectly just what music means to me, but I find the Twitch music section one of the nicest and most uplifting places on the internet to hang out.

Why do I prefer heaphones for music over speakers?

I have been pondering this question for a while now and wanted to put down some thoughts to share. I love listening to music but 99% of my music listening is done through a pair of headphones. I only really use speakers when I have visitors in the house and want to be social with my listening. All other listening sessions are done through headphones and I never really thought about why….

Why do I love Country Music?

I have been wanting to write this for several months now. During that time I have been pondering what it is about country music that I identify and why it is that I keep coming back to country music as I explore other musical styles. I still don’t know if I will be capable of putting it into words but I’m going to have a bash anyway. First some background, I grew up in a rural area of western Northern Ireland and spent a lot of time growing up on my grandfather/uncle’s farm.

What Have I Been Listening To (May 2021)

May already. Man, this year is flying by. Well, it is time for another round up of what I have been listening to so without further ado let’s get into it. It has been a while since I did one of these so there we have a lot to get through. Before that, I have made some musical recommendations on Jason Evangelho’s Tech For Everyone newsletter. It’s a good newsletter (and not just because of my recommendations) so you should check it out.

All The Right Noises by Thunder - Review

Thunder are a band who have been around a while and until relatively recently I really wasn’t that into them. Then I saw them live when they opened for Whitesnake and Journey, and they blew both of those bands off the stage; quite impressive in my book as I am a huge Journey fan. All The Right Noices is their 13th studio album released on March 12th 2021. It is honest and uncompromising; they do not shy away from telling the listener how they feel about events going on in the world, dealing with tough subject matter like mental illness in what may be their heaviest song to date.

I Think I Am Done With Android Based DAPs

As the title says, I really do think I am done buying Android based DAPs (digital audio players). Why? Well, I shall tell you. I currently have a Fiio M11. It is a good DAP as far as audio quality goes and it has two micro SD card slots supporting a large capacity which means I can always have all my music with me. I cannot complain about that. The problem is that this 2019 released DAP is stuck on Android 7 (2016) released and out of support and no longer receiving updates.

What Have I Been Listening To? (Jan 2021)

The last day of January (thank God, I hate January) so time to round up what I have been listening to. January has been a slow release so I been mostly getting reqcquainted with some old favourites. Here are some highlights…. Journey Yeah, I love Journey (have I ever mentioned that before? :P) so I like to listen to them a lot. This month it was a lot of Infinity, Departure, Escape, and Frontiers.

My Top 10 Bands

I thought I would share my top 10 bands in a post so here they are. I should note that these are in no particular order because I would find it too difficult to rank these bands for various reasons. They are just a list of bands that I keep going back to again and again so surely that makes them my favourite bands??? Queen Queen are the band that kickstarted my love affair with music.

Music that I enjoyed in 2020

Well, we are into December and that means we start to think about the music we have listened to over the past year and reflect on the good, bad and ugly. I think for those of use who really love music, it will have taken on a whole new importance in the dumpster fire of a year this has been. Musicians have not been able to get out on the road to promote their wares but that has not stopped them from writing and releasing some great music.

Bands to check out if you like psychedelic and/or prog rock

Naxatras Naxatras are a psychedelic rock band from Greece who like to jam so expect longer tracks to lose yourself in. The LP version of their albums boast a AAA analog production chain (the download versions are AAD) so they sound fantastic in this age of loud, compressed audio. Great music + great audio = nirvana. 1886 1886 won’t kick you up the backside with heavy riffs but they will let your mind drift off to lazy psychedelic groove reminiscent of all that was great from the late 60s and early 70s.

What Have I Been Listening To (Aug 2020)

Time to have a run down of what music I have been listening to and enjoying recently. Welcome to the Hard Times by Charley Crocket This guy continues to impress in the country music sphere. His song writing is genuine and heartfelt and his sound is country through and through. He will be big in the coming years Memories Of by Kaz Hawkins An album that pays tribute to the work of the great Etta James by a wonderful artist who has interpreted the songs in her own unique way.

What have I been listening to

Hello there, it’s me again. I just thought I would write a short thing to share what I have been listening to lately. Honky Tonk Hell by Gabe Lee I became a fan of Gabe Lee pretty much as soon as his first album, Farmland, landed next year. I loved that album so I was excited to hear his follow up. Well it is here, it is called Honky Tonk Hell and it does not disappoint.

Some things I picked up on Bandcamp

With Bandcamp waiving their cut of sales revenue at the time of writing (March 20 2020) I thought I would throw together a post of some of the things I have bought and enjoyed recently since I like sharing great music. The Cosmic Trip Advisors Full Digital Discography The Cosmic Trip Advisors hail from Scotland and I think the best descriptor for them is rock and soul. The music is a groovey blues rock trip that will take you back to simpler musical times when the love was free and people were smoking new things.

My Top Albums of 2019

That time of year has come around again (it has come by quickly), the time where we reflect on the music that has been released in 2019 and which albums have left the biggest impression on us. It has been another great year for new music across several genres and styles and it was quite difficult to narrow down my favs but I gave it a bash anyway. So without further ado I present the albums that have made the biggest impression on me.